Our Membership Pricing

0-16 years of age: 

$20.00 per month with adult membership

17-39 years of age : 

$50.00 per month

40-64 years of age: 

$75.00 per month

65+ years of age: 

$90.00 per month

Family of four (2 parents and 2 children): $125.00 per month (Each child after is $10.00 additional per month)

***Non-Member single office visit: $125.00 +***

There is a one time $25.00 enrollment fee per person with a maximum fee of $100.00 per household. 

Health Insurance

  We consider ourselves as an independent, alternative way to receive your primary health care, but NOT a substitution for health insurance.  We encourage our members to carry some type of health insurance policy in case of unexpected, expensive health events such as surgery or hospitalization.  

Additional services available:

Home visit :  Free within the Village of North Hampton

  $25.00 within Pike Township

    $50.00+ outside of area

After hours:  $25.00 (outside of normal business hours)

*Video visits  available and are included in membership fee.  May require office visit for treatment (see fee schedule for home/after hours visit).

Business Memberships

By offering a Direct Primary Care membership from Family Wellness of North Hampton you can keep your employees Healthy, Happy, and Productive!  Please reach out for more information regarding our very cost-effective  business memberships. 

**If your membership lapses, there will be a $25.00 re-enrolment fee per person ($100 max per family) should you choose to reinstate your membership. Upon joining, all members agree to a 3-month minimum commitment. Please note that these policies are in place to maintain the extremely high quality DPC services and standards we promise to all of our patients. DPC is about long-lasting, personal relationships with your provider, who knows YOU inside and out. We cannot provide exceptional and personalized medical care if our practice is treated as a revolving door. We want to help our patients as much as possible, so if ever any financial or other hardships arise, please reach out and contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can.**